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All the best SDSP products at a single price!

The model Coin Counter is an highly functional unit and effective way of accuratelyand rapidly counting/sorting great quantity of mixed coins. The coin counter/sorter can handle up to eight different coins

Professional coin sorter particularly suited to slot machine collectors or to all operators who need to count coins very quickly with a portable coin counter

Compact and easy-to-use coin selector specifically designed for Euro coins. It has the function of selecting, counting, pre-selection in predefined batches, displaying the value and the number of pieces counted for each cut.

Smart banknote counter with double verification of forgery for the counting of large batches of banknotes. An excellent product with a very affordable price, suitable for those who need a basic product.

Smart bill counter with four checks of the fake and the intruded and / or worn (DD) banknote. Excellent flaking even for worn-out and small-denomination banknotes

The DP-7100-E 3D front-loaded BANKNOTE VALUEIZER, equipped with a touchscreen control panel, counts, verifies and enhances the total amount of banknotes inserted. This is for EURO, US Dollars, British Pounds and Swiss Francs.

The Fast Control Update allows you to quickly and securely check all the Euro and British Pounds and / or Swiss Francs banknotes by showing their nominal value and the number of pieces on the electronic display.

The Mini Fast Control is an up-to-date, automatic and multi-check banknote checker that allows you to quickly and safely verify the authenticity of euro banknotes

The Banknote Verifier IR SLIM VIDEOCAMERA in a money detector machine allows you to see if the banknotes, credit cards and documents are authentic through a powerful infrared control.

SDSP: Professional security systems

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All products are protected by a 12/24 month warranty starting from the date of purchase and CE marking with ROHS certification. This indicates the requirements of a quality system model adopted within the company, in its various functions, to demonstrate its ability to provide products / services that comply with the rules and are able to meet customer needs.


The S.D.S.P. guarantees 100% the absolute suitability and safety of all systems for the management of currencies for the verification of Euro banknotes, foreign banknotes, all types of checks, ATM cards and credit cards.


A dedicated telephone line and a shipping service with the best couriers on national and European territory. On the Italian territory we make deliveries on delivery and, if necessary, technical demonstrations of the products chosen by you.


SDSP also provides professional systems for counting and verifying banknotes. An extensive catalog inside our site with many solutions for all needs.


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